Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey: Package


We have transport services between the hospital and the hotel, and we drive our patients from and to the airport.



Our accommodation facilities will give you a stay in a 5-star hotel near the hospital with a quiet environment for the duration of your care.


First Washing

As we provide 3 nights accommodation, we have time to wash your hair first time at the hospital.



We give our patients a care package that includes all medical supplies, creams and shampoos that they may need during their recovery.

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A life-long, viable guarantee certificate will be issued for our hair transplant patients to ensure satisfaction.


An interpreter will be ready during the operation to help you with your all questions. And we will provide 7/24-WhatsApp support in the patient's language.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey


Get Your Natural Hair Back and Enjoy Your Time In Istanbul !


Maximum 8 Hours Only For Getting Your Lost Hair Back Again !


We Own The Leadership In Using The Sedation Technique !


By Implementing Fue or DHI Technology (Choi Pens) !


Hygenic and Lastest Technology and Equipment, JCI Certified Hospital

Experienced Specialists
Experienced Specialists

Your health is your most important asset. You should entrust it only to the best professionals.

Personalized Treatment
Personalized Treatment

Treatment choices perfectly match your goals of treatment complications with early intervention.

Quality and Safety
Quality and Safety

All team members at Medical Center have been trained thoroughly to assist in any situation.

Immediate Service
Immediate Service

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

Stages of Hair Transplantation By FUE Technique

  • Genetic factors,
  • scalp problems such as ringworm, other chronic disorders,
  • thyroid problems, complications of hair loss medications,
  • metabolic problems, inadequate hair care,
  • iron-deficiency anaemia,
  • mental and neural illnesses such as anxiety-unbalanced eating,
  • poor in nutrients,
  • menopause,
  • pregnancy and post-natal hormonal disorders for girls,

You may have one of the problems mentioned above causing hair loss for women as men. While some of these temporary, some might be permanent. Considering hair transplant operation, consulting a hair specialist for professional help is crucial. The hair that develops in the natural hair cycle over some time is reduced by discoloration. And this is how the natural hair cycle continues. Your hair will be lost all day long and will be replaced. It’s normal to lose 100 hair strands every day, but in some places, there are more than 100 spills and holes are a sign of a problem.

There are many ways in which hair loss can be avoided. However, if applied effectively, the most efficient and satisfying solution among them is hair transplantation.

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About Sule Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey

For outbound and inbound clients, we deliver extensive medical procedures. Over 150 patients come from all over the world every month.

Our major areas of specialization include hair transplant, beard transplant and eyebrow transplant in Turkey. Contact us for more hair transplant Turkey before after photos.

Hair Transplant Turkey

FUE & DHI & Sapphire in Turkey

Beard Transplant

Thick beard which gives a sense of self-confidence

Mustache Transplant

Highlight the contour of the face

Eyebrows Transplant

Permanently restoring eyebrow hair in patients by FUE

Women Hair Transplant

20% of women have hair loss problems

Hair Scar Repair

Restore hair scars by FUE Method

Contact Us

Why choose us?

Since 2014, Sule Hair Transplant has been the leading clinic in;

  • Hair transplant
  • Beard & Mustache Transplant
  • Eyebrow Transplant

When we provide high-quality services in these areas to patients all over the world, we always make them satisfied with our team of experts.

Every month, more than 100 international patients trust and visit us at our Sule Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul to improve their appearance as they always want to. Do not hesitate to contact us for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.


Stephen Street
Stephen Street

The level of service provided by your staff at Sule Hair was fantastic. The quality and expertise of the work is first class, and with great value for money and great communication from the first email to the after care service. Even 2000 miles away here in Northern Ireland people are talking about your clinic and the quality of your Hair transplants, and I will promote to colleagues, friends and family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2019
Paulo R Rodrigues
Paulo R Rodrigues

Topisssssima a melhor do mundo sem duvida fiz o procedimento com eles .Amei me deram toda a alto estima de volta não acredito que tem pessoas que não gostaram do seu procedimento ,só tenho a agradecer eles, são eternos pra mim agradeço todos os dias .E agradecerei para o resto da minha, vida amo vcs #sulehairtransplant .na cabeça e no coração.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2019
Daniel Mosselmans
Daniel Mosselmans

Die Klinik kann ich sehr empfehlen. Das Personal sowie Frau Sule selbst sind freundlich und hilfsbereit. Fragen werden im Vorfeld sowie während der Behandlungstage immer beantwortet. Es wird auch stets gefragt ob man noch welche hat. Von der Anreise bis zum Abflug wird man zeitnah informiert. Einzig die Betäubungsspritzen waren kein persönliches Highlight 🙂 Ich habe mich auf jeden Fall immer gut aufgehoben gefühlt.

Monday, November 25, 2019
mujtaba yusufi
Mujtaba Yusufi

When it comes to hair transplant there are so many options available in the market that makes the decision making very difficult. However, people’s reviews and their experience helped me make that final decision easily. Therefore, I am writing my personal opinion to help someone else who is exploring the market. The whole process, from the airport pickup to clinic drop off and the transplant process couldn’t be any better. Sule hair is a team of very professional and experienced individuals . From the time you walk in to the clinic until the whole process is done, they make you feel very welcome and make you feel you are in good hands throughout the process. I highly recommend this place for whoever is looking to do hair transplant. Good luck

Thursday, November 21, 2019
Armen Vardanyan
Armen Vardanyan

So fein ist die Klinik und so gut die Arbeit. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und glücklich. Man hat immer vor so ein Vorhaben jede Menge Bedenkenden und Ängste, allerdings so bald man bei Sule eintritt, bleibt davon keine Spur. So gut abgestimmt und organisiert, man hat gar kein Sorgen. Ich empfehle jedem Sule. Man kann kaum eine bessere Behandlung sich vorstellen.

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Chris Burrows
Chris Burrows

Just had hair transplant here from UK I had 5050 grafts and I am more than happy with the result and all the care given from this place they have made my dream a reality I could not recommend this place enough. Thank you SULE Hair!

Thursday, November 07, 2019
sascha wehrle
Sascha Wehrle

Hatte lange rechachiert und mich am Ende für Sule Hair entschieden. Das war die beste Entscheidung meines Lebens. Die Klinik, das Personal und der ganze Ablauf war einfach nur Top!!! Dafür reichen die Sterne nicht aus. Das Hotel ist der Hammer 👍 Ich kann nur sagen, wenn ihr mit dem Gedanken einer Haartransplantation spielt und ihr euch für die Türkei entscheidet, was die Erfahrung und den Preis betrifft unschlagbar, dann würde ich euch Sule Hair ans Herz legen... Gerne könnt ihr auf Facebook auch der Gruppe "Haartransplantation Erfahrungen Tipps und Neuheiten" beitreten. Dann wisst ihr das ihr bei Sule nichts falsch macht. Ebenso könnt ihr meinen weiteren Verlauf und den vieler anderer beobachten. Vielen Dank an das ganze Sule Team!!!

Thursday, November 07, 2019

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